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Heather Tea Benefits - Cleansing Power of Heather Plants

The calluna vulgaris, or heather plant, is a bristly shrub that is found across Europe, Russia, and also North America. It is noted for decorative and pleasing pink flowers that are sometimes used for ornamental purposes, while the thistles and bark serve a variety of purposes as well. However, the plant is also highly medicinal, and for generations many cultures have been chopping up the leaves and petals of the flower and preparing potent teas. Heather tea benefits a variety of functions in the body, and is an excellent way of cleansing toxins from organs and relieving inflammatory pains.

The many heather tea benefits are provided by the active ingredients, which include types of quercetin, dihydroxychromone, flavonoids and tannin. As an ancient folk remedy among northern European countries, heather tea has likely been utilized for medicinal purposes for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The tea has been reported to alleviate certain inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, while also improving symptoms of gout and cystitis. It wasn’t until the modern age that researchers could more accurately pinpoint the therapeutic properties of the plant, and determine additional uses as a natural health therapy.

The heather tea benefits perhaps most widely recognized are its effects as a bladder and gastrointestinal cleanser. From the treatment of bladder, kidney, and liver infections to the potential natural removal of parasites, heather tea has a strong cleansing effect on the body. Upon the onset of such an infection, it’s recommended to steep 3 cups of heather tea per day until the infection goes away. Heather tea may not only slow the progression of such infections, but also assist with overall bodily health by helping to remove the buildup of toxins in various organs, therefore potentially preventing other diseases further down the road.

These detoxification properties have made heather tea into a favorite among natural health experts who specialize in colonic cleansing, and the heather tea benefits can be immediately utilized by purchasing a package through a specialty health retailer. However, be cautious about taking excess amounts of the tea. In fact, it’s only recommended to drink heather tea during the course of an infection, as excessive use is known to cause side effects, including potential liver damage. If you are taking other medications, especially drugs related to the urinary and gastro intestinal tract, then it’s especially important that you speak to a doctor familiar with natural health practices for expert guidance before beginning treatment.

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