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Heather Tea – Healthy Benefits

Heather tea is a potent tea that comes from the heather, or the calluna vulgaris, a bushy evergreen shrub that is found across European countries and also parts of North America. The tea is prepared by chopping up pieces of the pink flower buds and the leaves, and seeping in a pot of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. The medicinal tea that results is used for a variety of holistic purposes, and has been a part of Swedish folk medicine for generations. Aside from the tea, the heather plant’s flowers are often used for ornamental purposes, while the branches and the bark serve various functions from broomstick bristles to flavorings in beverages.

Heather tea’s most potent qualities stem from its cleansing abilities within the body and gastrointestinal tract, particularly in the bladder. The typical reason to take heather tea is when experiencing a urinary tract or kidney infection, as well as for the treatment of a variety of other gastrointestinal difficulties. The active ingredients of quercetin are excellent at flushing out the system and potentially removing built up toxins and cleansing bacterial or viral infections from inside the body. In addition, some reports have shown a link to heather tea consumption and the relief of inflammatory diseases like arthritis, or muscular pains.

However, heather tea should be consumed with a level of caution. When experiencing a bladder infection, or as part of a detoxification treatment, it’s recommended to consume 3 cups of heather tea per day, but the use of the tea should not be extended past this treatment period, as continual consumption been linked to possible liver damage. Due to the strong nature of this tea, and such potential complications, it’s recommended to speak to a doctor familiar with natural herbal remedies before beginning treatment with calluna vulgaris plants.

Heather tea usage may be part of a colonic detoxification treatment. Due to the heather plant’s remarkable abilities of flushing toxins out of the kidneys and liver, it’s become a common ingredient in certain therapeutic treatments. Heather tea may be combined with a variety of other teas and herbal remedies in order to reinvigorate the body and remove the buildup of toxic ingredients that could be accumulating within the urinary tract. For more information about such diets, speak to an expert at Home Colonic, and learn about how you can revitalize your health and cleanse your body.

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